Thursday, October 06, 2011

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Dear traders,
I found that many charts went strong to 1st resistance area. It is daily 10sma or 15 min 200sma and after two days up on strong pace and with very possible gap up open I’m really caution to take any new short trade right now. I like INTU 15 min chart but I’m afraid that open action will eat most of upside room. Now what to do? After that strong bounce it is not easy to take swing short because bounce was to strong. But I will look for intraday setups over %gainers/losers list in hope that I will found bull trap or something like that on individual name what could lead us in trend day for that individual chart. I want to say that today activity will depends on intraday scanning. I think that is really too risky to bring any trading plan without seeing open action. Over email all updates will come. If anyone have any question why I think that is this best way for today open please let me know.
Wish you all great trading day.
Ivica Jurasic

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SIGH! I'm in mourning today, I'll be taking the day off to contemplate things like is gravity real or does the World just suck!! I woke up to the white shit this morning, sigh again, this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to early in the year for this stuff, it's not that it bothers me that much right now, it's kind of cool to see the first snow, it's just that it depresses me to no end about what it may mean for the REAL winter! Since I "usually" don't nail the doors shut until after Thanksgiving, the thought of another two months of being locked in here is unbearable.

Good luck to you out there in La La Land today.  

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Mrkt Rwnd said...

Earliest snow since sixties, I read. Have fun with it my man, Jeff

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