Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Stock pick for 10/05/2011
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Just few words.
Most charts have room for day two upside action. I don’t expect that selling is over but market need some relief (at least charts say so at this moment). On the other side 60 min charts are extended after big bounce yesterday and it will be best if we will see some 15 min rest before setup, but if that won’t happen my advice is to took those swings with less risk then normal. If we will see setup after doldrums time then normal risk. If anyone will have any questions feel free to contact me.
Wish you best trading g day
Futures are flying this morning, DOW up about 80 points, as, WOOOOO HOOOOO, the world has solved all it's problems by taking on MORE DEBT, hahahahaha, the market do love it when we take on more and more debt, because it means we can make the interest payments on the PRIOR DEBT!
Anyway, nice turn around day, we basically cleaned out ALL stops that may have been set to the August lows, turned it around and gave them seller's remorse, and are making "them" chase it higher, nice volume day as well. I have a little position, but I won't REALLY get involved unless we can start taking out some of those prior highs, and HOLD THE GAINS, like, around the $120 "area".
One last thought, let's see, we rallied 4.8% off the bottom yesterday, and we are gapping higher this morning, hhhhhmmmmm, 4.8%, hhhhhmmmm, 4.8%, AND, we are gapping higher into the open, hhhhmmmm, oh what to do, what to do.....................hahahaha, yea, like I ain't gonna sell the shit out of this thing after the open, right, OR WRONG.... AFTER ALL,  IT'S THE PRINCIPLE DAMMIT!
Good luck to you. 

YEEEEAAAAAAAAAA!! Typical Wall Street bull shit, everyone CHEER's as one of the greatest ANAL-LIST FRAUDS of ALL TIME rings the opening bell, YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA.............


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