Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pattern That's Still Haunting the Market
Nasdaq's chart is forming a pattern that looks like a continuation of the bear flag. Get my take on the markets.
CREE is a Fundamental and Technical Nightmare 
The semi stock is in a bear market and ripe for a short sale.Get the downside target.

Nice bar, bullish engulfing bar, with big volume, some fire works erupted in the after hours as AAPL meeced earnings for the first time in four years, and Spain was down graded, the SPY was down about 60 cents, but I may consider a long on this thing, with a stop under today's open, $120.14, on a CLOSING basis, IE, I would only exit if we closed below that number in the days ahead. I anticipate that if we open lower, AAPL will "probably" go higher right out of the chute, as a lot of people will look at it as a buying opportunity, for now at least, AAPL was down about 25 points in the after hours.


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