Sunday, October 09, 2011

In the same vein as above, I'll admit it, I'm a sentimental sap. Much to the chagrin of the neighbors, as every one in this town hates cats, I'm feeding ten strays, five of them are shown here, a mother and her four kittens. You can see that Mom has a pretty wary eye on me, I'm standing behind the sliding glass door in the back. The other five are all males, one all white one, two black and white ones, one that is her twin, IE, ALL BLACK, and one ugly mottled looking one.
Now, this is just a wild guess, but based on the ugly mottled look of the kittens, I'd say that her boy friend was the, aaaaahhhhhh, hhhhhmmmm, eeeerrrrrr, well..................
They are definitely feral, as you can't get any where near them, if I even just slightly tap on the glass, they are outta there faster than a chicken on a June bug!


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