Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some body will have to explain "FUNNYMENTAL" analysis to me, PLEASE, AA kick's off earnings season tonight, and they are "expected" to earn 23 cents vs 9 cents LAST YEAR! So let's see, they are earning 69% MORE than they did last year, but the stock is DOWN 25% from last year's earnings in the red circle. 
HHHHMMMMMM, so let's see, they earn 69% MORE, and the stock goes DOWN 25%, hhhhhmmmmmm, HHHHHMMMMM, so, let me ask Ya, if they "SURPRISE" tonight, and earn 3 CENTS, which is almost 69% LESS than they earned last year, WILL THE STOCK GO UP????????

"After Huge Rally, Markets Are Sliding Again, As The Entire World Waits For Slovakia"

Hahahahahaha, ack ack, cough, burrrrripppp, excuse me there, I was choking I was laughing so hard, so let me get this straight, it appears that we've stepped away from Grease, and we are now worried about
Slobovixkas?????????? Hahahahaha, geeze, what will they come up with next, the article is here, http://www.businessinsider.com/morning-markets-october-11-2011-10.
Anyway, you would naturally expect the futures to be down a little after a dumb ass rally like that yesterday, that was based solely on two heads of States, a man and a woman, having a previously AGREED upon meeting over the weekend, in which they AGREED, to meet next month, for which the market hopes they AGREE, to reach an AGREEMENT, on an AGREEMENT the other 15 Euro zone countries are having a problem AGREEING ON!! To top that off, since WHEN did a man and a woman EVER AGREE ON ANY THING???????

Stock pick for 10/11/2011

I'm not, EVEN, going to say any thing about this huge rally yesterday, all over the "news" that two people agreed to meet in a month, and talk about a "solution", wad ever, coming off that horrid candle on Friday, it was obvious Da Boyz had a nasty Bear Trap in mind. Just another reminder to myself not to hold shorts over night.
Anyway, both the STOCH and MACD have mucho room to the upside, should they decide to go there. We gapped right over the 50 DMA, that, of course, was one of those miracles that just seem to happen, if you've been struggling with some thing, the best way to beat it is to gap us over the resistance in the low volume after hours.
We got over the first down trend line, and now we are sitting right under another one, a MAJOR one, should we gap up right to it in the morning, I'll probably take a short shot at it, as the stop will be very obvious. We are actually almost hitting it right now, and a gap over $120, COULD, open the door to $122 lickety split, so my stop will be tight. We get over that and the last resistance comes in at $123, we struggled there on August 31 and September 1st. Once over that though, and it, SHOULD, be clear sailing up to my MAIN short area, which is the Neck line of the old head and shoulders, at $126, unless, of course, they change their mind and decide they AREN'T going to meet.

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