Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stock pick for 10/24/2011

Has the Market Seen Its Low for the Year?
The near-term trend has changed to up, but the indices are still in a bear market. Get Sam Collins' take.
Higher Prices Possible, But Air is Getting Thin
The S&P 500 is coming into a major resistance area, but could make it to 1,300. Get Serge Berger's take.

By the by, since I'm on tonight any way, the EURO dumped over the non action out of the meeting, I GUESS, but our Indexes went UP, on some good news out of Japan and Asian metal exports, hahahahahaha, it's get's even weirder as the DOW has been going down lately, while the EURO went UP! I mean, hhhhhhmmmmm, who fricking knows where we'll be in the morning, it should, however, make for a REALLY interesting week ahead.


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