Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WHOOOP WHOOP WHOOP! Little help here, the stupid CNBC Million Dollar challenge is forcing you to "invest" 10% of your portfolio in CURRENCIES, and I know absolutely ZERO about Forex! Well, I know absolutely ZERO about EVERY THING, but I know even less than ZERO about Forex!
I'd appreciate it if some one has a helpful idea about which pairs to trade. 
Speaking of that, the STOCK that I was going to use to WIN the whole thing, is NOT on their APPROVED list, the ROACH's, sigh, it trades two million shares a day, I have NO IDEA why it's not on the list!

DTI Trading is having a special 48 hour open access trading room for the FOMC meeting tomorrow, if your interested you can register here, https://dti.infusionsoft.com/app/form/fed-day

I'M WAITING! I'm waiting for the, "explanation", by the MSM over the 200+ point rise in the DOW after Europe opened up last night, even the MSM has a blank stare over it, hahahaha, as the only news they reported was BAD!
Wad ever, I thought they were DOWN last night, and they were, they found kind of triple bottom support furing the after hours dump last night on the CURRENT down grade of Greece, at the low made after Noon yesterday, and of course, WE ALL KNOW, there's no such thing as a triple bottom, but, sigh, I guess there is! My personal opinion is if we continue to run up into the open of the REAL markets, this thing will be a SELL THE WORLD!! Just be aware that FOMC mornings, IE, tomorrow morning, are, "TRADITIONALLY", positive, so I'd be a little hesitant holding any shorts over night.

Nasdaq in Dangerous Territory
The index is clearly overbought and due for more selling. Get Sam Collins' take on the markets.
The Number the Bulls Must Conquer
If investors can't take out this level, the market is likely headed lower. Get Serge Berger's take.


sysin3 said...

some of the more popular currency pairs in FX are :

AUDUSD aussie dollar
EURUSD (z)euro
GBPUSD british pound
USDJPY japanese yen (inverse)

Cucca said...

Hahahaha! YOU, of course, was who (whom?)I was talking to.
Thank you!
I'm, like, kind of going ALL IN on one particular item, any idea which of the above you LIKE!?
I suppose if Bennie Da Pumper makes his BIG MOVE tomorrow, the AUD would probably shoot up against a dumping dollar....??

sysin3 said...

that might work. not a horrible daily pattern. kinda double-bottom-ish.

anything with EUR or CHF is going to be tough with all the crap going on in europe.

boyd7 said...

I'm still waiting for FXC to dip below 100. Forex on training wheels.

Cucca said...

Yea, I've never liked, nor really understood, the "leverage" aspect of Forex.
I was sitting around on a Sunday afternoon a while back, and thought, you know, I think I was approved in my IB IRA account for Forex, so I checked it out, and, WRONG, hahahaha!
The said I COULD trade it, but they wanted me to take a TEST first, hahahaha, I forget what the first question was, but I quietly closed down at that point.
Sigh, I guess I should do some research, but Ya know, with the time I spend with Da Udder stuff, I don't really care if I EVER trade it or not, just another stupid thing to lose money in.

boyd7 said...

George Soros made 1 billion dollars in one day, I think it was shorting the British pound. That means somebody else lost 1 billion. I believe the successful traders use trend following techniques.Nobody can know or predict everything that can affect A currency. And 24 hours A day is A long time for something to go wrong with A trade! I like FXC because it is A way to avoid the degrading of our own currency. And it is optionable.

Anonymous said...

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