Monday, September 26, 2011

WOW, I'm tellin Ya, Chevron approves $29 Billion Aussie LNG Project, if I was a young guy, AGAIN, Australia would be where I'd be heading! Back in my time, it was Alaska, you could make a fricking fortune up there in construction, if you survived the 11 3/4 months of winter, hahahaha! It's located in the remote region of Pilbara, in the Northwest, where, just like our Old West, they still have gun fights every day at High Noon for entertainment!
Well, ok, maybe they don't, but with grunts making $200K a year, at least you could afford a gun. Having not been there myself to see it, I have no room to talk, but I get the, FEELING, that this whole commodity boom thing there could go bust, just like it has in so many other times and places in the past, who knows. One thing though, you gotta get it while it's HOT!
Speaking of the Aussies, they don't exactly, aaaaahhhhhh, agree, with our policies here:

Operation Dumber

Etc, etc, etc.............

WHEW! Futures have been wilder than a Peach orchard Boar! We actually opened up a little lower than Fridays close, in the red circle, blasted higher by almost 200 points in the first 40 minutes, then sold off to the tune of about 275 points, and now we've rallied since about 3am ET almost 250 points, hahahahaha! Fun stuff it is.
We may be setting up a little double top that could be a lower high than the initial one last night, I really have no idea, there's still two and a half hours until the REAL open, so we could open up ANY WHERE! My personal plan will be to keep an eye on the over night RANGE, and maybe start sitting up in my chair if we approach one of the extremes, like the over night highs or lows.
Geithner was at it again in a letter to the IMF in conjunction with the G20 meeting, Geithner sounds alarm on Europe- CNNMoney, stating that the European sovereign debt and banking crisis represented the greatest threat to the World economies!! Aaaaahhhhhhhh, NO, Timmy, the fact that a TAX FRAUD, or if he's not a fraud then that mean's he's to stupid to figure out his own taxes, is running the US Treasury, REPRESENTS THE GREATEST THREAT TO WORLD ECONOMIES!

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