Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Subj: P-51's on Iwo Jima

P-51's on Iwo Jima (These are incredible pictures!!)

Don't use auto run, take your time and Scroll thru each pic Just put your pointer on the picture to Get the drop down info. Click on the picture to See in full size. Some WWII Iwo Jima photos not normally Found in today's "quick" history updates. A tiny Island, apparently some amazing crosswinds and Quite possibly the volcanic grit did not make the Best surface for runway operations. Here are some of the best WWII Pictures I have seen. The Author doesn't know where they came from, only that we have them for History's sake. 


Stock pick for 09/27/2011
Start trial

Nice day, but as far as I'm concerned, all we did was move back up inside 
the Triangle, I, SUPPOSE, we go to the top edge of it, I hope some one 
caught it off the R/R call the other day. 
Buuuuuuuuutt, nice TIGHT stop, and it's pretty OBVIOUS where the stop IS!
 This thing goes to $5 when it gets rolling on the down side, so I wouldn't be 
sticking around. The target, for now, would be the gap fill at $7.61. 

Here's another, "A", stock, AVL, just start with the A's and go right 
through to the "Z's"! It's also a WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, 
NOT RECOMMENDED type of stock, for as much as I can tell 
it has NO viable Business Plan, Udder Dan Speculation, just like 
it's sister MCP! Buuuuuuuutt, nice Outside Day candle, with a "little" 
volume increase, definitely not for the faint of heart, the target, 
for now, would be $4, with the stop at, well, ZERO, I guess,
if you take a small enough risk.. 

Let's jump to the "C's", CWTR, this thing is EXTREMELY, aaahhhhhh, 
speculative, and a WHOOP WHOOP WHOOPER, BUT, insider's have 
been buying, the stop is well defined and not to far off, who knows, here's 
some info on it, -the-market-is-ignoring-these-insider-buys-but-you-should-not.
In, THEORY, this "might" get an Equal Move scenario, in which case
the target would be about $2.10.


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