Thursday, September 22, 2011

7:00AM: Welp, I'm having trouble typing as my hands fell asleep, but that happens when you are sitting on them to long, hahahaha! We are flushing some what, as the weekly payroll numbers came in worse that "expected" (I can never figure out who those "expector's" are???), 423K vs 418K "expected", DOW down about 290 points.
Good luck to you, I think maybe I go fishing, and come back at the end of October. 
Oh, by the way, the last I looked Treasuries were naturally, blowing up, yields were dropping like 5% or more, the last yield I saw on a 30 Year was 2.85%, and with, REPORTED, inflation, as reported by our truthful Government, running over 3% a year, I consider Bennie Da Pumper's efforts to reduce that yield even FURTHER, TO BE JUST ABOUT THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!
Sigh, wad ever, have at it. 
One last little note for the day, with the futures basically opening on the lows of the over nights, down about 2.8% on the SPY, I would PROBABLY say the LOW is IN for the day, hahahahahahaha, shades of Big Bertha it is!! I mean, come on, what, are we going down 6% today??????

5:30AM: Speaking of the Futures , well, I was in the post down below on Ivica's picks, we are down HUGE, DOW about 240 points, and as shown on the SPOO's above, we've broken the lower trend line I mentioned in the post down at the bottom.
NOW, PERSONALLY, I'm waiting for the REAL open of course, knowing the way Da Boyz work, they probably rally us into the REAL open, enough so that we open up ABOVE that line, so in THEORY, what they may have done is get to many shorts piling in during the over nights, and will squeeze the shit out of them after we open up. That's my THEORY, of course if we just hang in here, and then go DOWN after the open, well, all bets are off, we are probably after those numbers I've talked about, $98-100 on the SPY. I will either play it by waiting for the first half hour to complete, and see the range, OR, I'll wait for a rally, hopefully out of the open, and then see if we head back down to "TEST" those over night lows, if we DO, and we HOLD, I, MAY, take a shot at it, LONG!
One thing to keep in mind is that we are in the END OF THE YEAR period for a LOT of Fund managers and Hedge Fund managers, and we COULD have a panic by those FUND managers to get the hell out of Dodge and try and preserve any GAINS they have for the year!
So just keep that in mind, this could get REALLY NASTY, so I plan on playing SMALL, and having TIGHT STOPS!
And OH, Big Bertha on Bubblevision said she meant the BOTTOM WILL BE IN ON SEMICONDUCTORS, THIS WEEK, not last week, like she proclaimed to the World last Friday! Hahahahahahaha, just a little, aaaaaaahhhhh, dig, there!
Good luck to every one out there.
Here's a few fun headlines:

NEW YORK (AP) — Stock futures are plummeting after the Federal Reserve indicated the U.S. economic slump could last for years. (full story)

This one probably bothers people more than most, as FedEx is considered a BELL WEATHER for the economy:
FedEx cuts fiscal year forecast on slowing growth 

"DR. DOOM", Marc Faber, actually LIKED the FED move yesterday, as they DIDN'T expand their balance sheet like they've been doing in the past, he mentions that it was good that the DOLLAR went UP after the release yesterday,
Of course, that was YESTERDAY, and it wouldn't surprise me to see the FED and Government get back to their slim bag ways they had during the FIRST PHASE of the great secular Recession that started in 2008, when they were jumping in FIVE MINUTES before the markets opened, and doing some obnoxious shit to try and SAVE us from ourselves! Of course, the FED is now BOXED as far as lowering interest rates, BUT, I guess they could throw Trillions of our dollars at their precious banks, so they can HOARD MORE OF THAT CASH, or even worse, throw it at the Europeans, sigh, wad ever.

Here's a little levity to release some of the tension, Rite Aid fiscal 2Q loss narrows as sales rise And the beat goes on.


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