Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OUCH! Dat was Uuuuuggiiiily, we got reeeeeeeeee-JECTED, at $122, AGAIN! Wad ever, the really good part, is this is now one of the SINGLE BEST looking charts I've seen in SOME TIME, WOOOO HOOOOO! I mean, look at that thing, this is soooooooo obvious, it scares me, hahahahahaha!!
I'm not going to say ANY THING, and let you guess at what I'm thinking, hahahaha! I'll give you a hint though, "IF", we break one of those trends lines, like Ed Sullivan used to say, we're going to have a REALLY REALLY BIG SHOW!
ANYWAY, what I really really wanted to mention, was Larry Crudlow had on Bill Ford, former Atlanta FED President, and he ABSOLUTELY LAMBASTED Bennie Da Pumper, woooo weeee, I mean, he just about called him every name in the book, in a nice sort of way! I got the feeling he didn't quite agree with Bennie's policies, hahahahahaha!! The conversation was of course about the meeting today, and the letter that the GOP sent to Bennie, telling him to fricking BACK OFF JACK!! NO MORE OF YOUR INFLATIONARY FRICKING "CURES", BUTT HOLE!!! GOP lawmakers warn Bernanke against QE 3 -
Any way, the cusp of Bill's ranting was that Bennie's policies HAVE NOT WORKED, and Operation "TWIST", DID NOT WORK THE FIRST TIME IN THE 1960's, and QE3, WILL NOT WORK!! He should FORGET, ANY, thoughts about having a MANDATE to keep unemployment DOWN, and concentrate on his mandate of CONTROLLING INFLATION, at which, HE IS AN ABJECT FAILURE!! Trying to lower the 30 year yield will only MAKE IT WORSE, as the current CPI is running OVER 3%, which is causing a NEGATIVE yield across all Treasuries, accept for the 30 year, and operation "TWIST" will probably cause it to go NEGATIVE on THAT ONE!
Any way, it was great to see some one stand up and tell it like it is, thanks Bill!


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