Friday, September 23, 2011

Markets have been wilder than a Beaver Hare in the over night futures, the DOW HAD been UP as much as a 125 points, but have been taking a dive since about 3am ET, down about 200 points since the high, and are trying to "test" the August lows, or yesterday's lows, AGAIN.
Anyway, LUCKY YOU, hahahahaha, you may get a chance to buy these things at that August low, that is, in case you missed it yesterday, I talked about this in my last post yesterday, with some numbers and blah blah blah. HOWEVER, you had BETTER hold to your stops, we got some, aaaaaahhhhhhhh, problems, here, believe it or not we have a GAP FILL just under us that goes back to early September of last year, which is fine, it's at $110.31 on the SPY, but just under that and we get into a Clear Air Pocket, or VOID, in that red circle over on the left side, that leaves NO SUPPORT, until the August lows from last year at $103, under that and we get ANOTHER pocket down to $100, last year's low, which is HUGE support, it actually has multiple support areas, and of course it's a WHOLE number, and also PAR, so that will definitely be the line in the sand. I should mention the ACTUAL low wasn't $100, it was $100.07, MUCH higher than that $100 number.
I shouldn't mention this, but should the macabre happen, and we lose $100, the next support on the SPY doesn't come in until $85, but that's just, you know, it's, aaaahhhhh, well, that CAN'T happen, right..................RIGHT??!!
Here's some thing that's not helping matters:

 The German people, who are supporting all those bum's that reside in the southern section of the EU, have already broken the lows from last year. They have an itty bittty little support area just under them, and if they get under THAT, they run into an Air Pocket that provides no support until the 2009 lows.


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