Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looking through the 52 week LOW list, this one kind of popped out at me, woooo weeeee, talk about getting shellacked!!!! Of course, the whole sector is getting ripped, ANYWAY, it's approaching it's lows it made in 2009, ALREADY, it bottomed at "about" $14, now, it only made .41 cents LAST year, with a P/E of 46, BUT, the ANAL-LIST, are saying it's going to make $3.14 with a P/E of 6, NEEEEXXXXXXT YEAR, hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Wad ever, I got this at, I mean, if it's TRUE, then it's the BUY OF A LIFE TIME! If you believe like I do, that the ANAL-LIST are WAAAAAAAYYY over estimating earnings for the entire market next year, then I'd, aaaaaaaahhhhhh, probably want a little hedge on it if I threw every thing I had at it. 
Also hitting new lows is a whole shit pile of the Solar's, and some of the steel stocks, like, AKS, hahahahaha, yea, I'm "trapped" in it, sigh, I'll probably go broke tomorrow, and CMC. ANR by the way makes the special coal they use in their ovens, so I guess that makes some sense. Another one I'm watching is "X", it didn't make a new low, but it's sitting at $22.47, and it's low in 2009 was $16.47, so, it's getting there. 


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