Friday, September 30, 2011

[Video] ECRI's Lakshman Achuthan Makes the Call: Recession

You know, number one, the futures are DOWN 100 points on the DOW, I mean, I don't have any STAT's to back this up, BUT, I swear, this is EXTREMELY unusual for the markets to be down pretty big on the last day of the month, AND, the last day of the Quarter, very unusual stuff indeed. 
Number two, I'm checking out the stat's on Ivica's pick, VZ,, and I run across this article about it, wall-streets-favorite-industry-and-the-four-stocks-its-buying, now, this article comes from the site that is the KING of the Wall Street ANAL-LIST, The, and the company is owned by the KING of the pump and dumpers, the guy that has that show on BubbleVision every night at 6 pm ET. I draw your attention to this line in the article:
"What's more, as the U.S. economy accelerates next year and in 2013", I mean.........
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA................................HAH!!! These people are the epitome of every thing I HATE about that stinking Wall Street! Personally, I could give a rat's ass about what they say or do, but what piss's me off is that this article is typical of their SALE's pitch to Mom and Pop investors, as their whole mantra is to get them to BUY BUY BUY, and with that statement they made above, you could say they use out right LIES as well!! I mean, they know DAMN WELL where the economy is headed, as they are, UNDOUBTEDLY, one of the CLIENTS of the ECRI, that as noted in the article at the top, were INFORMED of the recession call LAST WEEK!! I mean, spit spit, sigh, is this baldder dash bull shit, or what!!
Wad ever, that article pissed me off so much, I just HAD to say some thing, ANY WAY, talking about Ivica's call on VZ below, I mean, yea yea yea, it, COULD, go to his target of $39, but you know, if you are a Mom and Pop Investor, you should be licking your chop's at the prospect of the US going into recession, for as the chart in that link up there to FinViz shows, this thing BOTTOMED during the last two recessions in the $20-22 range, and at that price it's dividend yields OVER 7%! I mean, if you just show a little patience, and WAIT on this thing, not only will you be able to pick up a great company on the cheap, with about the MAX you can get on it's dividend yield, BUT, I gall damn guarantee you that if you pick it up at $20, you will get a DOUBLE out of it over the next "X" number of years after that!

Stock pick for 09/30/2011
Ivica at

Looking at a weekly chart of the SPY, that goes back exactly ONE year, two things stand out to me, number one is we are at the point where we BLASTED off last year, into February, and number two, it's basically been a WASTED year, unless you caught that blast off, and we are basically testing the LOW of the first week of October last year.


boyd7 said...

Hi Cucca I think you were vindicated by the news on Chinese stocks yesterday. Even BIDU is caught up in it.

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