Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Excuse me, EXCUSE ME!!!! But didn't stocks LOSE like, 56% in 2008???? Hahahahaha, probably one of the dumbest head lines I've seen in quite a while, wad ever. 
ANYWAY, I'm loving the pop this morning, I brought some AKS yesterday, now, why would I do that??? Welp, I've been waiting, and hoping, for an entry point, and I got it yesterday. My, MAIN, reason, is because the Chairman and CEO, James Wainscott, brought some shares in the green circle, on August 9th. He paid $7.96 for them, so I've been waiting to pick some up UNDER where he brought them. The LAST time he brought shares was at almost the EXACT bottom of the market in 2009, HEY, if it's good enough for him it's good enough for me!! Besides, I know EXACTLY what this outfit is, like GNK, unlike some of those weird Techie outfits that only survive because of Intellectual Property crap! Another reason, possibly, is this thing and the other steel stocks, MAY, get a pop Friday after the Obama speech, if he announces he's going to "steel" another TRILLION DOLLARS of your tax money to build more whore houses for ACORN!
I plan on holding this thing FOR EVER, eeeeerrrrrr, well, maybe until the CLOSE TODAY, hahahahahahaha! Actually, I would like to get a DOUBLE out of it, I don't think that's out of the question, but guess what, I HAVE A STOP ON IT! CAN YOU GUESS WHERE IT'S AT????? PRETTY TOUGH TO GUESS, AIN'T IT!!!!!!!!!!

Free stock pick for 09/07/2011
Ivica at
WOOOO WEEEEEE! If Ivica LOVED it at this price, he should REALLY love it now:
Urban Outfitters Inc. (URBN) dropped 8.5 percent to $23.60. The clothing retailer said in a filing that “thus far during the third quarter of fiscal 2012, comparable retail segment net sales are low single-digit negative.”
SIGH! I'm just happy as a lark that I didn't get in YESTERDAY! This is just ONE example of you should ALWAYS check for earnings releases BEFORE you get into some thing. 

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If your an "Oscillator" type, and use them for over bought and over sold, we are coming off of over bought, and aren't quite, "THERE", yet, on the over sold part. The "Trendspotter" on Barcharts is waaaaaaaay up there, and it will take quite a move to trigger a buy signal on it.


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