Sunday, September 04, 2011

Geeze, 11 1/2 hours of college football I watched, I did, and THAT was just the first Saturday, hahahaha.
Anyway, this is the silly season, as a lot of the Big Boys schedule the little guys at the start of the season, in order to pump their stat's up.
Some times it back fires. Little Utah State traveled all the way down to the Deep South to play the defending national champions, the mighty Auburn Tigers, and BEAT THE HOLY LIVING CRAP OUT OF THEM!!!!!! Well, they did for 58 minutes, and then for some inexplicable reason the coaching staff thought the game was over, and pulled the team off the field!!! Auburn saw an opening, and scored two quick touch downs in the last two minutes to pull it out their ass, as a famous Auburn Alumni described it to me.
Anyway, I'm going to petition the NCAA to outlaw the onside kick, it's obviously dangerous for under dog's only leading by 3 points, sigh.
If I were Auburn, heading into the SEC regular season I might be a little, aaaaahhhhh, concerned, about my defense.
Little Ole Boise State drove almost 2500 miles cross country to provide some entertainment for the Mighty Georgia Bulldogs. Being the nice guys they are, the Bronco's let Georgia rip off an 80 yard TD run early in the game, to make sure the home town fans had some thing to cheer about, before putting up 35 to snuff out their hopes. I'll tell you what, Georgia showed some gumption late in the game, and it will be interesting to see how their season progress's, for as you know Boise has to win ALL their games to even be considered for a BCS bid, while some 6-6 team out of the former Big Ten will get the honor of being slaughtered in some New Year's Day game. If Georgia can have a good season, it will help Boise, of course, they have to get through TCU, which will be no easy task, although they will get them at home, and NO BODY, can handle that stinking blue field, hahahahahaha! Boise may not make it through the season unbeaten though, THEY'RE TO DAMN NICE,  as they kneeled down on the Georgia 3 yard line, and let the clock run out, ROACH'S!
No. 4 LSU looked VERY STRONG in ripping Oregon, and if they can win the SEC you can write their ticket in for the Big Game in January.
In more silly season fun, mighty Notre Dame fell to mighty South Florida, I didn't even know they HAD a south Florida, I thought the WHOLE STATE was in the SOUTH!
And the winner of the most EMBARRASSING silly season game, mighty PAC-12 member Oregon State got beat, AT HOME, by Sacramento State!!! I was born in PrunePickerVille, and even I NEVER heard of a Sacramento State, hahahahahahaha! Wad ever, maybe the PAC-12 will do what they should have done to start with, and DROP one of those teams out to make room for BYU, sigh, I have NO IDEA what they were thinking about when they took in Colorado instead of them! In another near embarrassment for the PAC-12, Washington just managed to eek out a victory over Eastern Washington, of the Big Sky Conference, AT HOME, 30-27, hhhhmmmmm, sounds like it might be a looooooong year for the West Coast! By the way, Eastern Washington has a home field that rivals that of Boise State, accept it's even WORSE in that it's RED!

My goodness, I watched an interview during the Boise game with former Georgia great Herschel Walker, and I thought, geeze, for almost being 50, he looked GREAT, and I was RIGHT, .

It concerns me to know end that the college game is getting corrupted by, MONEY, and this doesn't help at all, pac-16-oklahoma-sooners-texas-longhorns-being-discussed-source-says . The part I allude to in the article is the 3 BILLION DOLLAR DEAL the PAC-12 signed with ESPN and FOX, for 12 years, that's 20 MILLION DOLLARS, PER YEAR, for each of the 12 teams. I'm tellin Ya, THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN IT, LIKE THE OLYMPICS!!!! It makes me wonder, where does FOX and ESPN come up with that money?? Well, it has to come from those stinking Wall Street Corporations, you know the ones, the ones that created 3,000 LOUSY STINKING JOBS LAST MONTH!! Wad ever, some thing about the FALL OF ROME keeps whirling around in my head, sigh, me thinks we aren't that far off. I hate the idea of these Super Conferences, hell, Texas is in, like, SEC territory, for crying out loud!
Speaking of this, FOX and ESPN should ask for their money back, Colorado got ripped by Hawaii 34-17, hhhhmmmmm, let's see, BYU and Boise State go down into SEC territory, and WIN, and they are on the WEST side of the Rockies, and the Beefalos lose to a WAC team, and they are on the EAST side of the Rockies, let's see, who would I want in the NEW PAC-12, hhhhhhmmmmmm, TOUGH CHOICE YOU THINK!!!!!


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