Friday, September 09, 2011

7:00AM: I, STILL, think this is a Bear Flag, it's just a lousy, choppy, POS Bear flag. "IF", it is such, THEN, eventually it will FAIL. My PERSONAL opinion, is eventually we will "TEST" that declining 50 DMA, in the green circle, and then complete the "Equal Move", the first move down from the July highs was "about" 25 points, SO, it we "test" that 50, it's around $125, so an equal move would take the completion of the pattern down to the WHOLE number of $100. The MACD is clearly on a buy, the STOCH "may" try to turn up, although we are currently down about 60 cents in the premarket, one bad thing is the RSI at the top, it's rebounded to the 50 level, and is trying to fail, this is typical action for when we are in an uptrend the RSI will stay ABOVE 50, while in a down trend it will stay BELOW 50. 
Wad ever, any rally to that 50 DMA and I'm going to use it as a chance to take a shot at a short. The only thing that would get me "positive", would be a break above that MA, a sharp rise, and then a pull back to "test" it. 
7:22am: Forget it, sigh, since I started writing the above we've had a BIG sell off going into the open, SPY is down about $1 with the DOW down about 100 points, I can find NO news that may account for the big sell off, other than, naturally, A BUNCH OF COMPLETE IDIOTS ARE RUINING, EEERRRR, RUNNING, THE COUNTRY!!!
7:40AM: AAAAAHHHHHH, the, "possible", explanation, is a "Terrorist" threat, hahahahahaha, number one, that NAZI HOMELAND DEFENSE outfit comes up with one of them EVERY year right before the 9/11 "celebration", in order to try and justify the ridiculous amount of money we spend on them just to keep our border WIDE OPEN, so they can walk right in, besides, it's against the rules to "racially" profile them, so they walk right in while the Nazi's are busy strip searching the 65 year old grand mother with her grandson's baby bottle in her purse! It just seems strange to me, because if there is a threat, AND, they wipe Washington off the map, I WOULD THINK THE MARKETS WOULD GO TO DA STINKING MOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!
This is another possible "reason", talk of Greece defaulting over the weekend,
Number one, I DIDN'T get the email, did YOU!!!!!????? And number two, DOESN'T THIS COME UP EVERY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!111

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The futures are decidedly, YAWNING, about the "speech" last night, they
are basically flat, the circle shows the reaction during the, "speech", sigh, 
it's almost like he went through the almost one TRILLION dollar first 
disaster "stimulus" plan, and just copied parts of it, more "SAVING" of 
Government jobs, more Whore houses for Acorn, blah blah blah blah, hell, 
even the Ultra Liberal Washington Post thought it was a joke:

Wad ever, I think I'm going fishing, and see if I can "stimulate" some 
Trout to take a bite of my fly, no ones biting on his plan. 

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