Thursday, September 08, 2011

7:00AM: Hmmmmm, yea, "Jaded", that's the word, hahahaha, I was trying to figure out my lack of reaction, or, well, probably "surprise", to see the futures down 18 handles, or about $1.80 on the SPY, if that's what you relate to. Wad ever, the weekly payrolls, "surprised", to the UP side of course, meaning more unemployed, and it's kind of "surprising" at first glance to see them down, because, of course, BAD NEWS, is supposed to be GOOD, as it keeps that free money from the FED in play.
Anyway, hmmmmm, let's see, down 5%, up 5%, down 5%, up 5%, hhhhmmmm, SO, I guess today is the DOWN 5% day! 

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WOOO HOOOO! Jump on that thing Ivica, hahahaha! He doesn't have that many people in his trading room, 
BUT, every litter bit helps!
Futures are currently only slightly higher as the ECB as not announced any new bail outs today, and we await 
the weekly payroll numbers, trader's are of course hoping for a baaaaaaaaad number, any thing to keep 
the FED on track for QE3 and more FREE tax payer money!

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