Thursday, September 22, 2011

FINALLY!! We got a very nice three wave move on a FED day, FINALLY, I stopped posting the parameters on these things because, well, with the FED holding rates at ZERO, and destroying the economy for the rest of my life, nothing was happening!!
Anyway, TRADITIONAL, FED days get a three wave move, an initial wave, that goes either way, then a counter move, and then a move back in the original direction. The first move was DOWN, out of the red circle, we then got a WEAK counter move at wave 2, which was very cool as it put topping tails on the candles, and stalled at a prior low over on the left side, and then just collapsed into the last wave, the short was in a couple of spots, like like under a prior candle after those topping tails and the resistance area, or under the low of the first wave down, where ever.
Now, I'm not sure, but I THINK, the markets DIDN'T like what they said, hahahahahahaha, that's just a GUESS of course!
I hope the stinking thing goes to ZERO, just like the FED's rates, ROACH'S!

That bottom trend line is what I'm looking for, I'll take a shot at it there, Long, but only if it kind of wallows into it, and chops around there, if it blasts right through it, then, NO, I don't think I'll be to interested.That's around the $115 "area", or there abouts.
A solid break of that line and it's Adios MF'ER!


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