Monday, September 26, 2011

Yippi Yippi Yii, OK got replaced by LSU as No. 1,

Hahahahahaha..........HAH! They aren't trying to contain jack shit, all they are doing is trying save THEMSELVES, this meeting is happening in the HOME of the Lying Scum Bags, Washington, with some BIG announcement expected to come out this afternoon, hahahahaha, the only announcement is going to be another BIG CAN to kick down the road, as they continue to protect their bond holders and refuse to do what needs to be done, as they'll solve the DEBT problems, by adding MORE debt, mostly on to the backs of the American middle class, who's paying for most of it any way, as this article points out, 

German Banking Group Warns of Contagion, Requests Taxpayers to Take Hit for Stupid Loans Made by Stupid Banks

so they can CONTINUE to skim off billions for their own little fat wallets, "THEY", being the richest people in the World, Government employees, continuing the BIG LIE that the very people that have gotten us into this mess, are going to get us OUT of it, by doing it the only way they know how, and that's to keep doing the same things over and over and over and over, THAT DON'T WORK......................... that's some times called the definition of insanity, but, HEY, who am I to say any thing about that, hahahaha.... 

Anyway, my attitude is pretty much shot this weekend, I've wred to much, it's depressing, like almost all the links on the right side, and some off the list on the left side, and for the most part, it's blah blah blah blah, etc etc etc etc, IE, it don't mean JACK SHIT! I did find one article kind of interesting over at the Slope of Hope,, it's not so much the article, as it's kind of the typical blah blah etc etc, but more fun was reading the almost 600 comments under the article, hahahahaha, now THERE's SOME IDEAS!! The article has some interesting points that I agree with, like the conspiracy nut stuff whereby Governments are TRYING to push markets lower, to give them Emergency Act power type stuff to do with us as they please, just like that little shit Emanuel walking into the White House the first day and proclaiming "We can't let a good Crisis Go to Waste", IE, we're going to rip you a new one Tax Payers!!!! Most of it centers on the Bennie Da Pumper statement, as it was obvious he was TRYING to dump the markets, probably to give him free rein on QE3, or wad ever evil plan he's thinking up now, to save his precious banks at our expense. The whole article is kind of a confession by the author that he basically blew his account wad on the concept that "THEY" were going to come in and SAVE him from himself last week, hahahahaha, and he's pissed off that they didn't, but, HOPEFULLY (that's why it's called the slope of hope), they'll do what's RIGHT this week, and I, "Hope", they do so as well, as I got some Long's I could use a little help on, but I'm not counting on it, I'll take full responsibility for my stupid decisions, sigh. 

I need to apologize here, not all the links were baaaaaaaaad, both Dshort,, and Maxed Out Mama,, had their usual excellent, excellent stuff. 
For you technical types, who like to trade, Cobra has lots of great stat's for you,, his main conclusion seems to be that the markets are going HIGHER, if they don't go LOWER first, hahahhaha, and or every one that likes to "gamble" on those stupid stocks, here's Ivica's pick for Monday, unfortunately for me, this one is on my VERY LONG "Do Not Touch" list, as I don't "DO" companies whose business plan is entirely based on "Intellectual Property", and whose sole income comes from SUING some one, but wad ever, Ivica's typical nice set up. By the way, ten years ago or so, this outfit was my first experience in "FAST MARKETS", hahahaha, I'd just gotten involved with them, when news came out that they lost some court case to another outfit, wooooo weeeeeee, it lost ten points faster than I could gurgle WHAAAAAAAAAAT :

And oh, by the way, congratulations to Utah State, AGAIN! Once again, they thought the game was 58 minutes long, hahahahaha, I'm tellin Ya, sigh, accept for that extra two minutes, THAT THEY STILL HAVEN'T FIGURED OUT EXISTS, they'd be 3-0 and RANKED! This time was even more of a classic than the Auburn game, Colorado State is driving, and the Aggies HOLD them, IE, the defense steps up to the plate, so CS call's time out, as they just got sacked and it moved the ball back toward the Aggie 40-50 yard line, out of field goal range, so they take all this time trying to figure out whether to go for it on fourth and a Brazillion (yea, that's a dig on Obama, when told that Brazilian soldiers were killed, asked how many is a Brazillian) yards, they decided to punt with less than two minutes left, the idea being to try and pin them inside the ten yard line, even though if the ball goes in the end zone the punt may only pick up 20 yards. So, the guy makes a beauuuuutiful punt, it's high, it's coming down inside the ten yard line, it's only like 30 yards so all the CS guys are waiting for it to come down, the games over, the Aggies WIN, YEAAAAAAAAAA, all they have to do is let the ball fall down, and Lo and Behold, THE DAMN AGGIE PUNT RETURNER TRIES TO FIELD IT, AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!
Hahahahahaha, crocodile tears of course, NATURALLY, he fumbles it, and, and, and, well, the REST, ass they say, is stinking HISTORY! SIGH!


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