Saturday, September 17, 2011

Who knows, eh, copper and the grains, JJC and DBA, say we are heading into a recession, GSG and USO are on the VERGE of a major breakdown, while those maaaaaaaaaavelous NasDogs, the QQQ, say happy times are here again!!! 
Other than the fact that we've had FIVE DAYS up in a row, some of the stat's of which I posted last week, I'd have to say that the IWM, SPY, IYR and IYT all "LOOK" like they want to go higher, while the single MOST defensive Asset class, TLT, is leading the entire fricking bunch!!!!!!!!!!
SIGH, such is the horror's of being an "investor", one interesting article that I wred is providing some AMMO for those with a bullish inclination, 

Forget Operation Twist: Rosenberg Says Bernanke Will Shock Everyone With What Is About To Come,

Of course, like the article notes, a FAILURE by Bennie Da Pumper on Wednesday to DELIVER THE GOODS, could result in a HUGE SELL OFF! Next week should be verwy verwy interesting indeed. I, HOPE, we sell it heading INTO the meeting, giving you a chance to get in ahead of the meeting with out chasing the stupid things higher, but I seriously DOUBT that will happen, if we get a big rally INTO the meeting, well, personally, I'll be a little, aaaaaaahhhhhhh, careful, after the release. 


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