Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just as a side note to the rest of the junk below, the NYSE A/D's have powered over the "W", and are once again in a leading configuration. Just a note to kind of off set the stuff I bitched about below. 

I actually didn't take the day off, it's just that it was about a quadruple ARRRGGUUUHHH day type thing. I actually did an intra-day post after the Confidence number this morning, but it had to many of the "F" and "S" words in it, and since this is a fucking family blog, I decided to edit it out, it started out at about a thousand words, and as you can see below, it ended up with about 50, and a lot of them are edited. 
Wad ever, the "F" word of course, is "FLABBERGASTED", as in what I was when I saw the Consumer Confidence numbers, geeze, what a fricking, H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E, fricking number!!! But that wasn't as horrible compared to what happened next, and that was that intra-day gap down. Now, if you ever even THOUGHT there was no such thing as manipulation in the markets, well, wad ever, continue on in your La La Life, number one, it's obvious that the Market maker's knew what the number was, BEFORE, it was released, IE, every thing leading up to that point was a set up. Number two, and think about this, the Milla second, I mean, the INSTANTANEOUS SECOND after the number was released, the SPY gapped down over 30 cents, think about this, your telling me that in that NANO second, all the millions of individual "Investors" in the SPY,  ALL LOWERED THEIR ASKING PRICE AND SOLD THE SPY 30 FRICKING CENTS LOWER!!! Think about that, you OWN the SPY, the number is released, and before the last DOT can hit your screen, you managed to get into your trading platform, set up the SELL order, and not only THAT, but you INSTANTLY set the number 30 cents BELOW what it was going for!!!!!!! I have to hand it to you, GREAT JOB!
Wad ever, there's nothing I can do about it, accept BITCH, and I'll never, NEVER, talk about manipulation again!
Wad ever, after the sell off we went up all day as trader's thought the shitty number is giving license to the FED to do some thing to SAVE US at the September meeting, you know, like follow up on QE2 where, from the day they STARTED the program in November of last year, the Economic numbers have been DOG SHIT, IE, IT DON'T FRICKING WORK! So the word got out that maybe (or more to the point, HOPEFULL) they WON'T do any thing at that meeting, and we sold off hard the last 15 minutes of the day, in fact, if you think we closed at that $121.68 number, FORGET IT, within seconds after the close we were back to YESTERDAY's close in the after hours, and the last I saw we were sitting around $120.80, or 7/10ths of a percent lower, or 88 cents, how ever you want to look at it. 
Don't get me wrong, I WANT the market to go higher, I got some doggie stuff I'm trying to get rid of, sigh, I, WANT, to see that $126 number, DAMMIT!

WOW! I have to admit, it's been a while since I saw an INTRADAY GAP DOWN like this one!! WOOOOOOO WEEEEEEEEEE! Nasty shit Gomer!
What, pray tell, was the, "REASON", for the gap, you ask, welllll.......

Glad you asked!! I'm sure a bunch of people will be all over this, as I can only imagine it's some kind of RECORD! RECORD LOW THAT IS!
The gap down, of course, is a result of the **** ***** that live on Wall Street, as the **** ******** have NO COMPREHENSION of what's been going on on MAIN STREET!! La De Da, every thing is just ******* beautiful, AIN'T IT!!!
*****, and on, and on, and on, blah blah blah


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