Saturday, August 27, 2011

Charlie has been making the rounds, Charles Nenner that is. He, of course, is my favorite Star Gazing Guru, he's actually a Solar Eruption type, of course the star's don't have any thing to do with his predictions, he uses MATH, which no one but him seems to be able to figure out. ANYWAY, here he is March 10th calling for a top in oil in April,, hahahahahahaha, I'd say that was pretty close.

You can go to his site,, scroll all the way down to the next to the last video, on JUNE 14th, and see him calling a BOTTOM in the stock markets the first of AUGUST, hahahahahaha, of course, it may not be over, YET, but I'd say that was pretty close.

ANYWAY, I only bring him up because he's still holding to his DOW 5000 prediction, however, he's tightened up his time frames, he was talking about 2015-16, but he's now moved it up to the end of 2012 or early 2013, his main thesis is based on his War/Peace cycles, and he thinks we get a major war in that time frame. I don't know why, but for some reason the Idiot Visions, CNBC and Fox Business News, have been having him on their shows a lot, just go to Google search and hit the video section and type in his name and you'll see what I mean, they only have him on of course for comic relief, as they make fun of him, cut him off a lot, laugh at him, blah blah blah blah, wad ever.
The other TRUE news outlets usually give him a little time to talk, Bloomberg is one, I also note this interview on Breakout,, that was on August 8th, and he was calling a bottom around 1139 when the SPX was a couple of hundred points higher, in it he says he "THINKS" we go up and then bottom again in October, BUT, he's got a problem with a DOW presidential cycle that has played out over 90 percent of the time, which relates to the fact that we were up the first week, AND the entire month of January, in which case there's a 90 percent chance we finish HIGHER for the year, so he's a little worried that it could throw a monkey wrench into the October low thingey. The way I see it, he COULD be right about the October low thing, AND, we could still end up higher for the year.
Wad ever, he's not a TRADE-ABLE thing, in that you can't get his short term updates, only Goldman and Da Udder Boyz get those, but I always have him in the back of my mind some place, and I just happen to believe, as history has proved that the only way Governments solve the economic malaise they get us into is by killing a few hundred million of us and starting over.

Nice analysis of the "OLD" VIX:


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