Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hahahahahahaha! I couldn't help myself, Fast Money was playing this song all night, aaaahhhhh, memories, memories!

ANYWAY, that month is in the books, NICE MONTH, YOU THINK!! The one I love is DBA, THAT, certainly bodes well for the future, as nothing get's consumer's spending out the Ying Yang more than HIGHER FOOD PRICES!! Of course, in the actual STAT's, it really WILL increase Consumer spending, which Bubblevision will be screaming about HOW GREAT THAT IS, never mentioning the Governments that have been toppled the last year BECAUSE of food prices! Wad ever, sigh, I watched a Moo Cow Trader from the Midwest the other night, and he was chortling over BEEF prices, as he guaranteed, GUARANTEED, that beef will be at ALL TIME HIGHS, by next spring.
You could have kicked me in the ball's and I still wouldn't have thunk that XLE was the worse performer of the bunch, I'm probably WRONG about this, I usually Yam, but isn't the typical thinking that when oil goes DOWN, the IYT goes UP?? Evidently, NOT!
Wad ever, so here comes September, it is, of course, the WORSE month of the year for stocks, TRADITIONALLY, so of course, we are going to crash, RIGHT!!?? Who knows, I'll tell you what I did though, I went back through ALL the August returns since 1950, to see how many times the S and P declined MORE than 5 %, which, surprisingly, is only 10 times, and then I looked at the returns in September, 4 times we were HIGHER, and 6 times we were LOWER, so, Waaaa Laaaaa, we got a 60 percent chance of being LOWER next month. Another thing that kind of surprised me was the LAST time we had an August down more than 5 percent was in 2001, and we were down 8.2 percent the next month. Other notable NEGATIVE September months were 1957-6.2, 1974-11.9, 1981-5.4, 1190-5.1, on the positive side it was notable that we had back to back BAD August's in 1997 and 1998, and yet September of those years were UP 5.3 and 6.2 percent respectively.
Wad ever, I go to the trouble of doing STAT's like that, like, ONCE A YEAR, hahahahaha, sigh, wad ever, in this age of MASSIVE manipulation by Da Government and Da Fed's nothing means diddly fricking squat, in fact, they probably WANT the markets to go down, to give them another excuse to pump massive amounts of our tax money into their Corporate buddies on Wall Street, which of course, comes back as campaign contributions in their re-election funds and IRA's!!
Supporting the STAT's that say the people in our Government and on Wall STreet are a bunch of stinking **** ****, is the ADP report today,, Small business created 58,000 jobs, Medium sized business 30,000, and here's why all our tax money goes to those stinking **** **** on Wall Street, Big Business created a WHOPPING..............DRUM ROLL PLEASE.........3,000 fricking stinking fucking JOBS!!! I'm tellin Ya, this country is sick, SICK, SICK! The only way we will EVER create job's in this country, is for ALL THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNER's to get together, and try and come up with MORE money than Wall Street, that they can give to the RICHEST people in America, that is, those individuals residing in Washington, DC, so they will direct our TAX money toward them, rather than that other worthless bunch, sigh!


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