Sunday, December 07, 2008


With all the one loss teams around, HOW, they can say, that Florida's loss to Mississsipppppiiii, AT HOME for god's sake, is better than Texas, or Texas Tech's loss to among the three of them in the big twelve, which includes Oklahoma, OR, is better than USC's loss to Oregon State, up there, is beyond ludicrious, but of course, that's the BCS, ROACHEY MF'er's!!!!!!!! It will not happen in my life time, but a play off system will eventually come, this just sucks!!
I have no comment on Utah going to the Sugar Bowl against Alabama, it will be a slaughter, I would have much more liked to have seen a national championship game for the NON BCS undefeated teams, UTAH and Boise State, woooo hoooo, that would have been a good one.
ESPN just interviewed Urban Meyer, the coach of some team in the south east, where ever that is, and he said he's embarrassssssed for the BCS, that the two unbeaten division one teams in the country, were not playing in the national championship game, one of which, is the team he coached before going to that Slouch East conference, or wad ever the hell it is.
Wad ever, EVENTUALLY, we will get the chance for a true national championship, just like the Division 1A, II, and III teams, have SOME HOW, been able to do, for a hundred fricking years!!!

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sysin3 said...

what you talkin Willis ?

Auburn sucked, they lost, the season was kaput last weekend.

There ain't no such thing as futball until next year.

lol ;-)

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