Monday, December 15, 2008


2:15pm: Kind of a low volume meepey weepey down day, at one point the Q's almost took out the entire gain from friday, before rallying into the close, volume was the second lowest since september.
Part of the low volume could be people holding their breath until the FED announcement tomorrow, don't turn blue for crying out loud, nothing they do is going to matter anyway, unless they raise them to 20% or some thing, hahahaha.
Anyway, I have no opinion, that over bought Stoch seems to be winning the battle, if they take us down until it gets into over sold territory, that would be a test of the yearly lows, who knows.

1 Comment:

sysin3 said...

it's iffy, but i call possible bull flag in the Qs, right under 50dma.

you go first Cucca ;-)

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