Monday, November 10, 2008


Gee minney christmas fricking sake, what a peice of typical NasDog peice of junk, I'm tellin Ya!!!

Who is it???
Hahahahahaha, it's fricking Tesero, TSO!!!! What a perfect example of the different stages of a stocks life. There's the stage one consolidation phase, or accumulation stage, for years, actually, there's a couple of Quad's during that period, in 02' you could have bought the thing for 62 cents, hahahaha!!! Then we get the stage two, or discovery period, after it makes the "magic move" of course, when it breaks above the moving average, usually a 50MA, if you couldn't reconize the change of charater in it, at the end of the stage two line in 05' to 06', and weren't so fricking greedy and hanging on, you would take your chance of a life time and get the frick out. But of course, it went up FIVE FRICKING MORE MONTH'S, closing OUTSIDE the bollinger's every month, into the final stage three. And if you didn't recognize another slight change of charater for it, well, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! Hahahaha, it dumps for four months, and then, takes it all back, in ONE MONTH!!
I'm telling you, this thing is a CLASSIC!! I have no idea where it's going, but eventually, I figure, 62 cents, AIN'T OUT OF THE QUESTION!!!!


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