Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday 11/9/08

5:30pm: Disregard what I said this morning, I'm in rehab and trying to dry out enough to get ready for tomorrow, the futures are up over 2%, hahahahahaha, ROACHES!!! Anyway, this could be a "good" gap, a weekly as well as a daily gap. Plus, it leaves a higher low under it, and if we can just get back over the 100+ level in the SPY, we could actually have an uptrend going. I really don't give a damn what "they" are using to try and pump this thing, probably the same thing they used friday, after the rinse they put on while Obama was speaking, they put that humongous pump on going into the close, hahahaha, yea, like I can just see all those "traders", let's just sell the shit out of the Obama news, oh, ok, well, hell, never mind, lets just buy the shit out of it instead, hahahaha, FLAKES!!
Naturally, this could all change by tomorrow morning, we could be limit down by the open. Or, even worse, put another one of those horrible gap and crap bearish engulfing bars on it. But, at least they are trying right now.

I wish I could give you an objective comment on the charts here, but for some fricking reason I'm flying off the handle, I tried to give myself a hang over last night, that ain't working (I'm kind of in no man's land, kind of a light or fainty feeling), I've been over every fricking breath chart I can find, I'm trying to look at the stupid charts with an open mind (having taken a core position in the UYG and SSO kind of makes that hard), I mean, I know what it is, I'M FRUSTRATED!! I'M GETTING IMPATIENT AND FRICKING PISSED OFF!!!
Now, of course, that's a GREAT attitude to have, it puts me in the position of undoubtedly doing some thing even more stupid than I already have, hahahahah, IDIOT!!! Anyway, check out Ivica's analysis, the link is over on the right, or Brian Shannon, Ivica wasn't working the last I checked, I get his stuff in my email.
Ok, this is a half hour later, I'm calmed down now, what I did was screw the booze and take some drugs instead, that's working a lot better. Hey, look, if I was not in the market, fighting my ass off every fricking day, THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL, I WOULD BE IN THIS STUPID FRICKING MARKET!!!! YOU'D HAVE TO BE CRAZY TO BE IN THIS THING!! Hold on a minute, let me get some more drugs................................................ aaaahhhh, that's better, ok, calm down........ok............
Ok, look, both Ivica and Brian Shannon are still talking about the "POSSIBLE" inverted head and shoulders, greeeaattt, yea yea, it's there (I already drew it in a few days ago or wad ever), it's just to sloppy to suit me, the Q's actually have the best pattern for it. I'm not putting the Q chart up, because frankly, all the stinking index's look exactly the same, so why fucking bother!!! I'm showing the SSO because TradeStation put a bad tick on in the after hours friday, and totally screwed the daily chart up, and it hasn't been fixed yet. Anyway, the stinking triangle is still sitting there, going on a month and a half now, to top that off all the index's put on an inside day, TO TOP that off we are sitting right smack in the middle of the triangle, just great fricking shit, ain't it!!!!!
The arrow points to a couple of short term MA's, what they are trying to do is bump and run, that's where the shorter term tries to go up and cross over the longer term one, which "can" be a buy signal, but then turns down right under it. The fricking STOCH don't look to hot at all, but it can also do a bump and run, that's where it comes down to about the 50% level, and then turns up like it did in the circle over on the left.
The simplest thing anyone could do right now, is just wait until we either break over the highs of last tuesday, or break under the lows of the pattern, that's so simple it's scary!!!! And I'll tell you exactly why, because if we break under the lows, "they" are going to scare the shit out of everyone, give the impression we are going into the depths of hell, and then turn it right around, and take us up, I'm telling you, THAT'S WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!! If they take us over the top, every hedge fund in the world that is right on the brink is going to use it as a chance to get out and save themselves, BUT, I would certainly like THAT senario better, as that's exactly what I would do, hahahahahaha!!!!
I wish I hadn't put that stupid T2107 chart up at the top, or what ever it is, it's the stocks over their 200MA, that's the NYSE but all of them look the same, I mean, this thing has probably been sitting down at it's most extreme over sold level for the longest period it's ever done it in, THIS THING "SHOULD" HAVE BOUNCED BY NOW, THERE'S SOME THING WRONG WITH THIS FRICKING MARKET!!!! Hahahahaha, is that the biggest understatement I've ever made!! Sysin brought up the point that there's not one DOW stock over their 200MA, he thinks it's the first time we've seen that since 2000-01', or some thing like that, I have no hysterical, eeeerrrrr, historical refference for that kind of stuff, but I believe it. I, aaahhh, I'm aaahh, going to, eeerrrrr........
Screw it, those are the last charts I'm ever putting up, fuck this market, I'm just going to put up jokes in the chat room, and do more drugs, I get a lot more satisfaction out of that.
Good luck to you out there is La La Land.

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sysin3 said...

shit Cucca, you ain't drunk enuf, but I am ;-)

hold your nose and buy 'em.

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