Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pre-market 11/05/08

2:15pm: Gee minnie christmas criminey sake people, CHILL OUT DUDES!!!!! Geeze, you take us up in the biggest election rally almost ever yesterday, and then take us down in the worst post election day loss EVER!!! God what a bunch of shcizos, hahahahahaha!!
I'll tell you what, if we don't hold above the little dinky low from 10/29 around 92.10, wooooo weeeeee, we be see'in the old lows faster than I can say Sadie bar the door!!! I had talked about a possible sharp sell off of that 60min, to work off the over bought, but come on, 486 points worth??!! Anyway, we definitely worked off the over bought, hahahaha, the stinking RSI is at .64, aaaahhh, pretty low.
CSCO just beat, pretty good actually, of course the whole thing depends on the conference call, I guess that's in an hour or so.
I didn't touch the SSO, the hedgies are still on, but I took a couple off of the UYG this morning, but luckily I STOPPED, I'm still about 75% hedged on it.
I just know of course, that you all did this just to punish the Democrap's, hahahaha, well, that's fine, but you may just inspire them to try and do better (yea, rrriiighttt, fat chance of THAT!!).

4:45am: Hahahahahaha, futures are down this morning, about .90% or 85 points on the DOW, take that Democraps, hahahahaha!!!
Did anybody see who won the election??????..............
I was watching FOX, hahaha, god they are unreal, they were sitting there counting down the seconds until the PrunePickerVille poll's closed, they get to zero, declare Obama the winner in California, and the new president, trying to beat CBS NBC ABC etc etc, the funny part was that there poll stats had him trailing there, wad ever.
I actually thought we might be up this morning, as the Demo's didn't pick up enough in the Senate to keep the Republicans from the filabuster.
Hmmmm, why does it not surprise me that Arizona and Florida passed the ban on gay marriages, while it appears PruneyVille did not.

Speaking of surprises, does this REALLY surprise anyone, Time Warner cuts forecast . Time Warner replaced Oracle as my favorite non-performer, after Oracle finally beat earnings after about, what, five fricking years.


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