Friday, November 07, 2008

Now EOD 11/7/08

2:10pm: YUCKO!! The only good part was the buy the rumor sell the news move made on Obama, and they should have sold it, he was 20 minutes late, and then didn't say a damn thing.
The volume was less than both the sell off days, but hell, it's a friday. The good part is, if we hold here we make a higher low, woooo hoooo, then that sets up for a higher high over the high of tuesday, and waaaa laaaa, we could have an uptrend going. We shall see.
I'm off to the ranch, lator gators.


sysin3 said...

so what's with the lack of "volume" over at Trading Goddess ?

I may have to go over there and spank her ;-)

You know that link is the only reason I come over here ;-)

Cucca said...

My personal opinion is that I think the Goddess is a little bummed out over the market. She's basically a "buyer", soooooo, this ain't the greatest times for that.

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