Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to get Screwed in America

Well, you could go to the CowGirl bar in Beaver at one AM on a friday morning after round up, or you can change your DirectTV package, OR, you can watch the Fox New Business shows on Saturday mornings.

I don't EVEN want to think about the first one, but I did change my DirectTV package a couple of weeks ago, luckily I did it when I was drunk one night (I might add, the ONLY night I ever was), I wanted to dump Show Time (YUCKO, are they the worst or what) and go to Starz, they said they wouldn't do it unless I changed my basic package, as I had one of their old ones, and I could only change into Starz if I got the new, IMPROVED, ones, hahahahaha!! Naturally, I lost half my channels, and they want me to pay extra for the same package I had before, SCREW'EM!!!!! THEY AIN'T GETTIN IT!!!

Anyway, Fox, yea, right, you know, Fox is probably the worst, well, no, Bubble Vision is, I really don't know about the business channel, because I don't get them any more, the Fox Business channel that is. Annnnnnyyway, the saturday business shows are on the News network, so I get that, as well as every mom's and popsey's in the country does, that has cable or DirectTV, so, I imagine they tune in on saturday mornings to find out WHY in the hell their meager IRA and 401's are getting slaughtered, when they MIGHT get time off from their four jobs, and eight kids, trying to keep their heads above water, and hopefully not getting killed rushing into Wally World on Black Friday, trying to save 12 cents on that Taiwan peice of shit! And all they are doing, I THINK, is trying to get what they think, is some unbaisis opinions on their life savings, and what to do.

Now, I don't know who in the hell pays Fox (or if they get paid at all, hahahaha), but it has to be da "Street", because all they are, is another fricking shrill for that bunch of lying scum bags!!! What you do, is forget the idiots on the screen (well, other than Tobin, which is kind of funny, because he's made all his money shorting the shit out of this market the last year), turn the sound off, and just read the "news flash's" going by on the bottom of the screen. What they do, is use the old subliminal pyscho conspiracy nut things, where we used to believe the networks flashed messages on the screen in milla seconds every so often, to buy wheaties and that kind of stuff. All they honk about, is the BULLISH aspect of the market, never once trying to live up to their "fair and balanced" mantra, the roach's!

FOR INSTANCE, the big one of course, is all the records the DOW set the past week, THE BIGGEST POINT GAIN EVER, THE LARGEST PERCENTAGE GAIN SINCE 1933, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah! But the one that really kills me, is they keep flashing "the DOW is up 400% since the crash in 1987", or the "NasDogs are up 500% since the CRASH in 1987", etc etc etc. WHAT IN THE HELL, DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH A DAMN THING THAT'S GOING ON NOW???!!!

Number one, as per the chart of the "CRASH" in 1987 above (I've showed these a million times in the past, and, I'll show them another million times in the future), the stinking thing only lasted a fricking month for god's sake, four fricking weeks, not over a year like we are in right now, and besides that, we took down and eliminated about 1700 banks and S&L's to get the idiot roach's out of circulation, NOT spend trillions of tax payer dollars to save their ass hole buddies on da STREET!!!

And number two, the 87' "CRASH" just barely went down and brieftly touched the 200 week moving average, before bouncing up and back into an uptrend. As you can see in the top chart, where we are now, we are JUST NOW doing a "DEATH CROSS", in the red circle, where the 50 week moving average is breaking down through the 200 week average. The last time we did this, in 2001, it was over a year and a half before we finally reached the bottom, and that was just a stupid fricking NasDog bubble popping, NOTHING like what we are going to go through now!!! I guess Fox only wants to relate to 1987, because they are afraid poor old mom's and popsey would get scared to death, if they compared it to 1929-1942, or 2000-2003, and heaven forbid, pull their life savings out of the market and put it under their mattress, because if they did that, poor old Fox would probably have to shit can the Fox Business channel, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

Well, enough of the bull shit, on a serious note, there's some interesting stuff on those two top charts. The two Death Cross's look almost exactly the same, as price was really strechted out to the down side, underneath them. We have taken longer to get to the point we are now, as we've been whipping round about seven weeks right now, whereas in 01' we bounced in the next week, off the "bottom". What these charts do, is give you a "target", as we rallied up and stopped dead at the 50 week moving average in late 01' going into January of 02', maybe that will happen now, with the same time frame. You "could" make a bullish case for a rally here, seasonality, the dailies have a couple of nice things on them, well, here, I show them to you:

We have a pretty big divergence working on the MACD, which is good, HONEST, REALLY, that's good. The SPY has moved up through the down trend lines, the NasDogs are trying to, that's GOOD, REALLY, Honest!! What I really find interesting, is that even though the Dogs and the SPY share nothing in common, other than they are these make believe things made up by the powers that be on da Street to provide us with false information, the 38.2% retracement on both of them, from the high in August to the "lows", hit exactly on that previous high in early November, which, REALLY, is what we need to get over, to really get an uptrend going. I mean, I "could" see us rallying up to that point, into the first of the year, especially with all the bull shit being thrown around right now, before we start the next leg down into the depths of hell. Wad ever.
I have to go, I'm suddenly getting this over whelming need to eat some wheaties, lator gators.


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