Thursday, October 30, 2008

Now EOD 10/30/08

Geeze, we were well on our way to some nice gains, and a possible break out over that trend line, and FED govenor Janet Yellin came on, in the last hour yet for criminey sakes, and said basically every thing sucked, and personally, she was putting her money in her mattress!!! We need to have these idiots muzzeled (she definitely needs one any way). For some dumb ass reason, the markets reacted poorly to that.
Anyway, I, uuuhh, I, well, oh shit, I'm still so pissed I don't know what to fricking say, geeze.

Oh, great, now that idiot Shumer is protesting the Wells Fargo take over of Wachovia, there goes my stinking UYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahahahaha (those are crocodile tears, ROACHES), LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Obviously, I wrote the stuff above before the close, hahahahaha, take it to the idiots Mr. Market!! After the dump, we put a bunch of fuzzy tails on the five and ten minute candles, and da Boyz managed to close us back up above the trend line, unfricking real, way to go bulls!! Now, if they can just gap us up over that gap fill line, we could get three days in a row tomorrow, woooo hooooo!!!
Regardless, this is the first time this month that we have finished higher two days in a row, although my UYG is pushing the envelope. Also, this is probably, sentiment wise, the four most bullish days of the year, the last two of the month, the first two of the next month, and to top that off we get the election on tuesday (thank god, GET THIS THING OVER WITH, SO SCHUMER CAN GO BACK IN HIS CAVE).

U.S. GDP contracts by 0.3% , there were some pretttttie bad numbers in this thing, "U.S. 3Q consumer spending falls 3.1%, worst in 28 years" "U.S. 3Q disposable incomes fall 8.7%, 59-year low ", of course, those numbers only apply to the stupid ass consumer, whom has been getting crushed by this administration for the last eight years anyway, SO WHO FRICKING CARES, wooooo hooooo, let's take it to da moon, so they did!
Anyway, we had one big dumb ass bar after the report, then flattened out, and are currently pushing the highs of the premarket going into the real open, oops, new highs, we are pushing 4% up before the open, under normal circumstances this is a sell the world at the open, but who knows, maybe we drop 452 points in 12 minutes after the open, hahahahahaha!!
Anyway, good luck out there today, lator gators.

5:00am: THIS CRAZY FRICKING MARKET, GEEZE!!! The DOW is up 335 points, ES up 30 points, all of them about 3.5%. Wad ever!!

This probably comes at a timely moment, 10 Ways to Make Money Fast .

People are sure getting dramatic, geeze, Dow crash has an anniversary .

GM-Chrysler deal looks likely Hell, why not just make it a trifecta?????? Our thinking is so stinking backward in this country, I mean, what they need to do, is to ignore the big three (eeeerrr, the ONLY three), bring back some one like Tucker, and start making cheapo cars that have a heater in them, that's all, that cost like less than five grand, hell, they'll sell billions of them!!!!

Excuse me, EXCUSE ME, but isn't this EXACTLY what got us into this mess in the first place???

"A vote for home ownershipFour former HUD secretaries urge the next president to make sure the American dream of owning a home isn't allowed to die because the financial system is flawed, Steve Kerch reports from the Urban Land Institute conference in Miami."
Bush administration working on homeowner bailout: report Bernanke makes it official. We are Japan

I am shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU, Motorola swings to loss, delays business separation !!


sysin3 said...

volume dropping.

short 'em on the open.

sigh, i have to wait for monday.

Cucca said...

Yea, sigh, I agree, besides that, we tested that gap fill yesterday, couldn't get over it, tested it again today, same thing. The only way to get over it, is gap it over.
Futures are down right now.

Anonymous said...

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You mention she is your mentor. How did this work? Did you do 1-on-1 training with her - or did you get her course and get involved with her techniques etc this way?

If you can email me RE this would be awesome.

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Jacques (js)

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