Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Night Stuff- UYG/XLF

Before I get into these two "things", I just want to bring up that I have a position in the UYG, and as we all know, unless Washington get's their ass in gear, and shoves all the loss's on the CDO's and MBS's down the taxpayer's throat by tomorrow night, before the open of the Asian markets, the WORLD IS GOING TO FRICKING END!!!!!!!! There's no doubt about it, I know it's true, FOX is running a 24/7 on the financial crisis, and just like they did when they showed the smoke stack at the Vactican for a week, they will continue on their merry little ways.

Anyway, I couldn't tell you if we are bottoming or not here, I know from reading a shit pile of blogs, that there's a definite possiblity that if we don't pass the A.C.O.R.N. bill, the "former" Boyz (hahahahahahaha, god I love that, there's no more Boyz for me to rag on, they are gone, kaput, FinE, over with, I actually have nothing more to talk about, or rag on, so I'm probably done) will probably gap us down monday by at least 50%, or more!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hey, wad ever, go for it, what the HELL are they going to do, SHORT the financials, that they CAN'T SHORT, hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

BUT, if for some stupid ass reason, we start to go up, I can't, for the LIFE of me, figure out why ANYONE, would be "invested" in the XLF, rather than the UYG. The UYG is actually less, than the XLF, and yet, if we do go UP, they will "probably" go up twice as fast as the XLF. It's like, you think the Q's are going up, so, you buy the Q's. BUT, the QLD is trading at the same PRICE as the Q's, so, which one are you going to take???? Invest your $41,080 in the Q's, or for the same amount in the QLD, to get twice the upside???? And the weird part, is that the UYG is not going down that much more than the XLF at this point!!?? I mean, I don't fricking get it, why would ANYONE, be in the XLF?????

Hey, I'm probably wrong here (mostly about whether we go up or not, hahahaha), it just seems to be one of these stupid moment's in time, that I can't for the life of me, figure out.

Here's another one, why would anyone trade the SPY, when you can get the same ATR (Average True Range) each day, for half the bucks, with the SSO!!!!!! Also, if you are a Premium seller like me, you get double the Premium for your buck's, just like the difference between the XLF and UYG. I just don't get it.
My whole point of course, probably goes to the asinine relationship between the QLD and the Q's, THERE IS NO "ULTRA" Q's, when you have to put up twice the capital to get twice the movement, it's a crock of shit!!! I give for your thoughts, the relationship between the Q's and the QID's.


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