Monday, September 29, 2008

Now EOD 09/29/08

Robert Shiller is the hero of all egg heads, ain't he, hahahahahaha??? I don't mean that in a demeaning way, I love him, it's just that he's such a, aaaaaahhh, well, "Victory of the Nerd's" type guy.

I can imagine, after this is done, that Shelia Blair, head of the FDIC, is going to emerge as a super star, when this is done.

7:00pm: I'm actually kind of appalled at my completely ignoring da Dogs during this period, as they are, in and of them selves, probably the best trading "vehicle's" on the planet, but the thing you have to know about them, is that they are, aaaaaahhhhh, Dog's (I'm talking about the Q's for the unintitiated (or what ever)), and when da market goes down, they lead the way, and when da market goes up, they lead the way, no doubt!! Apple's dump today, is just the start (actually, I guess RIMM's dump is the start, aren't they below the point where they broke out from that range, when they were the greatest buying opportunity of this, or any other, life time??? Actually, thinking about it, I'm wondering why RIMM isn't going up, with all the people on the street banging their Blackberries against the wall, trying to figure out why all those "buy" emails aren't coming through)). Anyway, I have no interest in them at all, I've heard some rumblings that this earning's season is going to be uuuuuugggggilllllyyy! BUT, I yam watching Inkey, and AMAT, if they get to my buy points (under 14 on Inkey, and under 10 bucks on AMAT, well, possibly 12), I might sit up in my seat.
I'm watching two house sitter's, eeeeeerrrrrrr, MEMBER's, debating the credit melt down, one is trying to watch out for the tax payer's, the udder one trying to watch out for our "borrowing right's", IE, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO INTO DEBT AS MUCH AS I WANT, YOU FRICKING ROACHES YOU!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha, oh well, sigh, I'll leave it at that.

Pelosi is Pelosi, ain't she?? Every one in the Democrap's camp has been doing their best to try and tell her to keep her mouth shut until after the election, but she just couldn't help herself, could she? I'm surprised she didn't make the speech, while wearing her Syrian women's garb, or maybe even better, while sitting in the gunner's seat of an Iranian anti-aircraft gunner's seat, hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

6:00pm: Even though I've had one of my "stuff" thingey's (I think it's only one, irregardelessey (that's a triple negative so screw all those enilish proffesors) it won't be the last), I really don't have much to say, I mean, what's to say. There's been enough bull shit flying around to make da Govenator even duck (actually, I shouldn't have bought that up, as I think the good old PrunePickerVille Golden state is going to be seriously close to defaulting in a while). Me, I made a vow to myself years ago, that if I ever saw some thing like 2000-02' again, I wouldn't make the same mistake I made then, and let my decision's be guided by the gloom and doomer's. I mean, I'm not saying that I plan on holding the UYG for the rest of my life, but when I watch an "index" of 200+ stocks fall 80% over the course of the last year, ya know, some how I feel I have a leg up on everyone that bought it at $70 last year. Do I think, when this BS is done, it will go back to $70??? Not on my stinking life I don't, but I could see an easy double after we get through the coming recession/depression. Which means, I'm partialing in, hey, I could fricking partial in to zero, and I still wouldn't lose that much of my account from this point. I just think it ain't gonna happen, keeping the American consumer buried in debt is to much a part of the American way, and our "government" is going to do what it takes, to insure that you keep borrowing.
Has anyone found it quite funny that Uncle Ben pumped in $630 bbbbbbbbbbillion bucks today, and the market just ignored it, hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! For christ's sake, that's only a lousy 70 billion less than the bail out, eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr, "RESCUE"!!!!! I mean, I'll admit it, with the money this adminstration is just printing like crazy, any "bet" here, is a bet that we survive as a country, but I think, that to (too, two, tue????) many other countries have to large a stake in us, to let us go under.
I watched all the speech's at the house today, on that channell that provides the live house coverage, I was actually really proud of the American way, as way more of them were ripping into this corrupt administration than I thought had the balls to do it. The surprising part to me, was not one of them used Chenney's only line to the unbeliveable debt they are putting us into, "Soooooooooooooooo"!!!!
I can't believe, that in the worst crisis we've had since the "first" great depression, they are adjourning for two days for a "holiday".
CNBC just had on the owner of Hovanian homes, I forget his name (hahahahahaha, for christ's sake, that's a JOKE), he's lying and crying about how they are ignoring the national security issues of ignoring bailing out the home builder's (IE, why did they give GM and Ford 25 bbbbbbillion to produce cars poor old Joe can't afford), hahahahahahahahaha! He said, and I think I quote, "FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, HOUSES IN SOME AREA'S ARE SELLING FOR LESS THAN THE REPRODUCTION COST'S"!!!! Hey Ira, get your fricking "reproduction" cost's down, and quite paying unreal fricking prices for barren land, that will help a LOT!!!!
Art Hogan was just on CNBC, he say's the market's will be down "a couple of hundred points" tomorrow, with or without a bail out plan (let me clue you in on some thing Art, with congress gone until thursday, IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN, the bail out I mean, eeeeeeerrrrrrr, "RESCUE"). I, personally, don't thing so, but, that's just me, I figure we wallow around inside the big down candle today, until they get back and pass the bill, and then..............................................................................................................................

2:15pm: Weeeelllllll, that was certainly interesting. I'm not going to get into all the numbers, you can get that just about any where. One interesting thing is that after the close, the DOW dropped 140+ points on the final "settlement", IE, there was a bunch of sell orders that had not been closed before the close of the market, so the final tally on the DOW was -748.
I can't emphasize enough, the support levels coming up on the weekly charts above, that's about 107 on the SPY, and about 36 on the Dogs (wooooooweeeeee, did they get thumped or what). If, or once, we get under those area's, on a weekly basis, there is no support until the 2002-3' lows. What happened was we blasted off after the last bottom in 03', and never left any pull backs, that would have created a PIVOT point area, thus, we have CLEAR AIR down to those lows. We better hold those numbers down the road here. CORRECTION: The SPY has clear air under 107, the NasDog's have a little pivot from 04' around the 31-32 "area".
On a personal note, I shut down and went out to the ranch this morning, I was talking to my "stuff" supplier girl on the way back in when I heard about the demise of the bail out bill. Anyway, I added another unit in the UYG positions, actually two because I have it in two accounts. Unfortunately, I actually added two units to the SSO position, hhmmmmm, I'm not real pleased about that one, but, you just never know, hahahahahahaha (yea, like I could be broke in the morning, luckily I threw the shot gun out in the brush at the ranch). Anyway, I have a plan on this thing, but I really wouldn't want to see us go down another 15-20%, I'd have to really start looking at it at that point.
I hope every one is all right, lator gator's.

7:00AM: Well, I'm getting information over load, and a head ache, I'm going to take a nap for a half hour, before the open, and try and clear it up. My UYG opened this morning down about 9% in the 18's area, but they pumped it right away, currently above the 19 "area", how am I ever going to get in deeper trouble, if they keep taking the stupid thing up after the open??? I wish you all the best of luck out there today, my TS is screwing with me again, so I won't be able to have my internet on after the open, one thing that is just bugging the shit out of me, is that this $700 billion is just nothing, I mean, it ain't a stinking drop in the bucket, hell, it's less than 10% of what JPM supposedly has of the toxic shit on their books, I have no doubt at all, that the money will find it's way into only one place, and that's the pockets of this corrupt administration and their "Street" buddies, geeze, give me a fricking break!! Good Luck!

6:45: Geeze, it's almost impossible to keep track of what's going on, this came out at 5:08am ET,
Wachovia in advanced talks with Wells Fargo: report , and now, well, this comes out, Citigroup to buy Wachovia's banking operations: FDIC , so, they are talking to WFC, and then turn around and sell to CITI group, hahahahaha, god, what a bunch of flakes, and in that same vein, THIS, sure gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, Paulson says he supports sale of Wachovia banking operations , and why shouldn't he support it, it makes his job that much easier, instead of five or six firms on Wall Street that he's trying to bail out, eeeeeerrrrrrr, "rescue", he getting it down to a manageable level, like, TWO, JPM and C!!!!!!!!

6:15am: Hahahahahaha, now, this is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen, you talk about your intervention and government manipulation, I'm looking at the hot lists and the dollar is just up HUGE, about $1.13, hahahahahahaha, the FED is printing the shit thing out of thin air by the helicopter load, and it's UP!!!!!????? I guess we must be in a "printing" competition with the Europeans, hahahaha, geeze!

6:00am: My man Clive, Corcoran that is, , across the pond, is pissed at our government now, hahahahahaha, because now their central banks are trying the same bail out, eeeeeerrrrrr, "rescue", crap that we are doing:

"Another day, another bailout.
Signs are growing that the European Central Bank and the Bank of England and their respective Treasuries are crafting their own toxic waste management programs.
It would appear that many bankers and politicians, on both side of the Atlantic, will be able to spend more time with their families.
The S&P 500 (^SPC) is poised for a break away from the triangular formation. In such extraordinary times all suggestions are that this could be the capitulation event that many technicians have been expecting. There are others, with more of a focus on Armageddon than I, who are supplying some eye popping downside targets from here.
Meanwhile I would not be surprised by a major move in either direction in such a febrile environment and intend to sit this session out and watch from the sidelines."

Hmmmm, I had to look it up to, Febrile definition , I don't think that's exactly what he meant by it.

Maybe this is what he's talking about: Governments Agree to Bail Out Fortis


Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us. - Jerry Garcia

Well, I'm glad I kept the bomb shelter, hahahahahaha!!! Futures are down about 2% across the boards, DOW about 200 points, a nice drop, but pretty dissappointing considering I thought we would be down about 50%. Anyway, 2% is probably enough to get a whole new set of bail out plans, eeeeerrrrr, "rescue plans", coming out of the administration, as they react to any significant drop in the markets as justification to declare martial law.

If we ever get over all this bull shit, and get back to the actual "stock" market, maybe we will start looking at the economic data gain, of which we get a whole bunch this week, ending with the payroll report on friday. I think this whole thing is a plan by the administration to try and take everyone's mind off the fact that the economic data has been sucking, wad ever.

I check out
How to of the Day every day, and I thought it funny that they had a golf bum as the featured site, How to Learn the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing , hahahaha, these bum's crack me up, they have to keep changing the names of "the swing" all the time, to try and sell books or wad ever to the new player's, I've been playing about 50 year's and there hasn't been any thing new under the sun since I started playing, just different "terms" for it. I think I wrote the ultimate article on the golf swing a while back, just type in the search box "the magic move", or some thing like that (actually, here it is, ). It's kind of funny, but that move that Sergio Garcia makes at the transition from the end of the back swing to the down swing, IE, the "down cock", is probably the most perfect example of what I mentioned. Anyway, there's a reason I brought up golf bums, as it's indicative about how sick this society is, that FedEx gave 10 million bucks to that golf bum for winning the "play off's", hahahahaha, what a stinking joke. If I was a share holder of FedEx, I would be pretty pissed, especially with the performance of the stock, that they gave 35 million to those bum's, and not their share holders. I only bring this up about this society, because I remember when the greatest of all time, Jack Nicklaus, became the first to win $200,000 in a year, the average wage in the country was about $26,000 a year, so Jack was making just under 10 times that amount for being a bum, which was fine. So now the average wage is about $50,000 (that increase is in about the last 35 years by the way, does that suck or what??) and they pay some bum 200 times that amount for winning the points in four events, even worse is that the top 100 bum's on tour last year made over a million bucks, I mean, does this society suck, or what!!!


sysin3 said...

this here is the man I have voted for for 28 years. and damn proud of it. he's got integrity.

he hasn't gotten less than 85% of the votes, ever, near as i recall

he voted NO and explains why

sysin3 said...

buy 'em (gently)

T2107 and T2108 down to levels not seen since 1987, 1990

Cucca said...

I'm taking a calculated risk, but, a risk it is. Even if I fill the "positions", I'll only be "in" the market with 25% of my assets. I actually still have some bonds, woooo hoooo. This is pretty amazing stuff, I have to admit, I'm pretty amazed, the failure of the vote today did catch me off guard a little, but it did create an opportunity to lower my cost basis.
I'm just glad that I preserved my capital for a more opportune moment, rather than in the past, when I may have been fighting my ass off to stay above water, I have a lot of bullets left (for how long, who knows, hahahahahaha). Anyway, I'm really enjoying the unbelieveable shit that is hitting the fans these days. Good stuff.

sysin3 said...

these are unique times, that's for sure.

hell, i may even up my 401k to 10% equities tomorrow, especially if they puke 'em up.

20% if they cancel Cramoo's show ;-)

sysin3 said...

for $630 Billion, I normally expect at the very least ... a kiss, a blowjob, and an up market.

Oh wait, can I say that on TV ?

damn these censors.

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